Pflugerville Chamber of Commerce Pfamily Pfestival & Expo

McMurtrie Farms participated in it’s 2nd year of the Pflugerville Chamber of Commerce’s Pfamily Pfestival & Expo on October 16th.  This is a great way to experience the businesses and services of the City of Pflugerville.  Not only were there more than 65 local businesses, food, and prizes, but also SWAT, Fire Dept., Police, and EMS vehicles, Star flight helicopter, and many great demos!

Last year, I sat at my table and waited for the locals to stream by–not knowing a soul.  THis year, I knew half of the vendors and many of the passers-by!  What a difference a year makes.  We have been blessed with a wonderful Pflugerville network. 

Great pfriendly pfolks in our “Little Big Town”.  We are a city of 50,000 people, yet we maintain that wonderful neighborly atmosphere.  The cops will stop to help if you have car trouble.  You can golf with the mayor, and stop in at your local shop, met with smiles and first name greetings.  Gotta love Pflugerville!

Special thanks to Josh Baker of AzulOx Photography for these great shots!  He had the booth next to us and had a great mini photo booth, complete with props.  And of course, a very special Thank You to the Pflugerville Chamber of Commerce for a great Expo!  Click the Discount Card picture to be directed to the Chamber site for details on the Discount Card for the Come Home to Shop program.  Cardholders can get great discounts from more than 35 local businesses including Firestone Auto, Express MD, Schlotzsky’s, Dany’s Liquor, Flower Child Design, and of course, McMurtrie Farms Event Venue!


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